When I started making music at the age of 17, I asked myself which type of music I wanted to produce. I always was the type of contrast guy who couldn’t decide between two things. In terms of music, it was the big split between dreamy and soft ambient music, and hard punchy techno music. The atmosphere of ambient music was my pool of calmness and deep thoughts, something you can just chillout to and think about your life. On the other hand, when I had my first contact with techno music, I felt the unique vibe of it, the feeling how music can make your body move and forget about everything, the feeling of the crowd melting together in a big rain of ecstasis. I never wanted to make music which only appeals to a certain spectrum of mood or people, I’m always trying to achieve that one absolute sound, which is relatable to every situation in one’s life, music you can dance and dream to at the same time. With my EP Twilight, I want to show the development process of dream music into dance music. Whereas the first two songs are very chilled and slow, Moonlight and Ghostlight represent a certain state of hypnosis and trance. Day/Night, Dream/Dance, Slow/Fast, music was always split into two worlds for me. The key song Twilight, my personal favourite, is a unique and rare combination of both worlds and really important for me because it perfectly describes my musical taste. It took me a long time to finish something like this, but I’m very happy to have found that one song, which combines everything to an absolute purity of musical perception.

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