Solone (BE)

Solone is a French DJ and producer whose project began with a bedroom album in 2020, encompassing UK garage, experimental electronica, and downtempo vibes. For three years, he split his time between production and international tours as a sound engineer. It’s in hotel rooms on the other side of Atlantic and Europe that he starded wrote songs, and coming to fruition in his home studio few weeks later.

Now, he dedicates his time to composing his upcoming EP, which will be released on October 6th, and to developing his live performances. His music emanates a profound sincerity: « I pay special attention to the concept of universality. I aim to reach people who might not be familiar with electronic music, but who will be receptive to the melodies, as well as a crowd of diggers through a more underground rhythmic identity. »

Solone’s music is emotional, powerful, nostalgic and modern, characterized by energetic sounds drawn from the DJ and club culture.

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