Benni (BE)

Lulled by folk music figures such as Damien Rice, Bon Iver, and Phoebe Bridgers, Benni writes her songs around a utopian yet authentic universe, her own. After 10 months of singing and wandering the streets of New Zealand, the young artist has finally awakened.

With her distinctive voice, indie-folk sounds, she aims to convey a message of essence and simplicity. At just 22 years old, Benni has already collaborated with several artists and has opened for artists like Coeur de Pirate at Cirque Royal, Roscoe and Sharko.

Upcoming shows
Date Date Venue City
Oct 8, 2023 08 Oct 23 Bar des éphémères Helecine BE
Nov 3, 2023 03 Nov 23 Entrepôt Arlon BE
Nov 11, 2023 11 Nov 23 Sofloti Huy BE