Parra for Cuva (DE)

Producer and DJ from the german house melodic scene, Parra for Curva brings a truly original sound to electronic music by mixing emotional dance floor experimentations with acoustic and ethnic soundscapes.
His previous highly acclaimed album, « Paspatou », already hinted at the musician’s worldly outlook. It also carved a unique position for Parra for Cuva as an artist. »Juno », his last album released in July 2021, explores moreover new instruments (recordings of the South American ronroco, an Indian flute player, and the hammered dulcimer, an ancient Persian Instrument) and languages, tracks named after African animals and exotic destinations.

Entrance into a world that’s multi-cultural and teeming with diversity, « Juno » is a serene and peaceful space that also challenges the listener with subtle twists that interrupt the hypnotic groove.

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