Nana Benz Du Togo (TG)

The NANA BENZ DU TOGO is heralding a feminist musical revolution, deeply rooted in tradition yet propelled into the future. Led by three visionary singer-priestesses from Togo, this collective aims to challenge patriarchal norms through their unique blend of DIY music, blending traditional rhythms with urban beats to create an electrifying experience.

Drawing inspiration from the trailblazing women of the 1950s, known as the « Nana Benz » who made significant contributions to Togo’s history, Lady Apoc, Izea Ledu, and Parus Kekeli carry on their legacy with a call for the empowerment of African women through their feminist digital voodoo project.

Guided by the principles of Mother Nature, the NANA BENZ DU TOGO infuses voodoo harmonies with a militant spirit, using instruments crafted from reclaimed materials to produce complex rhythms. Their DIY approach includes recycled drums and PVC tube bass, resulting in a groove that merges the ancient sounds of Dahomey with the contemporary vibe of the streets of Lomé. Under the direction of Peter Solo, leader of Vaudou Game, their debut album recorded in the capital city bridges the gap between past and present, showcasing the rich musical heritage of the continent.

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