Benni (BE)

Belgian singer-songwriter lulled by folk music figures such as Damien Rice, Bon Iver, and Phoebe Bridgers, Benni gives life to her songs in a utopian yet authentic universe of her own.

Her journey begins with a unique 10-month experience of singing and walking the streets of New Zealand. It is there, amid a newfound creative energy, that the young artist awakened, breathing life into stories and emotions that touch the heart.

With her captivating indie-folk sounds, Benni distinguishes herself through her unique voice, capable of turning sadness into compositions of profound beauty. At just 23 years old, Benni has already shared the stage with Coeur de Pirate, November Ultra and Clara Ysé.

After unveiling her first two singles ‘September 20’ and ‘Make Me Blind’, Benni now lays the foundation of her promising career with upcoming debut EP ‘Bleeding Colours’.